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We are a newly developed community of transitional housing and foster care homes. Local non-profit organizations partnering together to help make a difference in the lives of families in McAlester, Oklahoma.

We partner with Choose To Give Inc. 501(c)3 a local non-profit organization. Community of Hope's mission is to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of women and children by addressing housing needs, while building a firm foundation equipping residents with healthy patterns for work, family, parenting, and daily life.


Make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of women and children by addressing housing needs, as well as building a firm foundation that equips healthy patterns for work, family, parenting and daily life.



The first is transitional housing. Inside The Community of Hope are homes mainly established for mothers and children. These homes will provide greatly reduced costs of living allowing families to rebuild their lives together. 

Working in conjunction with The Hope House of McAlester, OK. these mothers will be provided a GED program as well as other classes on how to manage finances, spiritual development, and more.

With a job, any extra finances they have will go to help eliminate legal fees and court costs, and/or any other financial debt.

Our transitional housing provides survivors the time and services they need to achieve goals for long-term safety and stability. Without these programs, survivors may have no other option than to return to their old habits, past abuse, or homelessness.  That is why we are so excited to offer something right here in Pittsburg County to help our McAlester community. 
The 19 duplexes will house 36 families for a period of 24-36 months depending on the specific need for the individual and the family.  While having a stable support system and meeting weekly with advisors and counselors, they will work toward saving extra finances to go toward eliminating legal fees, court costs and any other financial indebtedness.

The second aspect is Foster Homes.

Due to the lack of Foster Homes available in Pittsburg County, over 50% of children placed in the foster care system are moved to other counties around Oklahoma.

This lack of foster care homes greatly complicates the reunification process. Siblings are often separated, compounding an already difficult situation.

Therefore, inside the Community of Hope will be fully established Foster Homes and families providing more opportunities for children to stay near their parents and guardians as they await reunification.



  • Build 19 duplexes

  • Build 2 Foster Homes to address the need of Pittsburg County

  • Build a Community Center that will be a safe place for group classes. Examples of classes: Celebrate Recovery, Life’s Healing Choices, GED classes

  • Offer highly reduced rent to trustworthy families to incentivize them to join the program

  • Offer reduced rent on a sliding scale dependent on individual needs

  • Identify financial needs for each family addressing debts, legal fees, etc.

  • Create plans, budget, and goals to ensure financial stability in the future and walk with families through this process

  • Develop healthy patterns for work, family, parenting, and daily life

  • Help with continued education and job skills to secure adequate income

  • Build a firm foundation within 2-3 years that will equip them to leave the community

  • Complete the community within 3-5 years 

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